FAQ & Tips!

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How to join or find server?

Press "play", tap "RB" x2, tap "RT" and press "A" on "search by name" under community tab! Search "1PP-HC" then press "Start" then "X"!

Day/Night Cycle?

We currently have a 1.5hr Days and 30min Nights. Below is helpful info regarding fire, lights, and crafting.


Find these sheds loaded w/ tools! Alot goes into a base, but here is everything you need to know to get started!


Sewing kit, bandage, or rags! (Disinfect!) Otherwise transfusions work. Below is useful info regarding how to bandage yourself.


Walls can take a minute! Heres some tips to topple em and get some loot!

Repair Cars?

Cars come with everything besides water & engine parts naturally! Fill the radiator. If its smoking, there is an issue lol.


A germ symbol will appear to the left of your food/water indicating you have gained an illness. Here is some info to help you beat covid in DayZ!


Press "home" button and hit "select" (button left of home) & record up-to the maximum able. Please report issues so we can refine your experience!


Eating your fellow bambi's are an option! Otherwise killings Z's and looting greenhouses are a great way to start!


Meds can be found on most servers spread out in gas stations or medical buildings. Check your map for pump & blue cross symbols. Hold "RB" to bring up quick wheel or press "M" on keyboard.


You need to constantly maintain clothing and keep upgrading/downgrading as needed. If the temp bar is blue or yellow, you will lose health!